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Social innovators, health specialists, creative strategists. We help brands and healthcare organizations engage with people where they need it most - on social media.


At HashtagHealth, we're starting a revolution. Through social engagement, we're empowering people to take an active role in their health. #HealthIsSocial

Social media has become an invaluable part of our modern-day society. It's not just a passing fad and its impact on health is ever growing. Just ask the FDA - they've even created guidelines to help healthcare organizations embrace it. The fact is, healthcare professionals and consumers alike are online and they're hungry. Hungry for information, eager to engage, and frustrated by the abundance of clutter and misinformation that lives online. Searching for health-related information shouldn't be complicated, but finding the right information is.  Just think- if you're not talking about your brand or company online, rest assured someone else is. So let's change the paradigm. Let's provide the facts where they're needed most, and motivate people to take an active role in their health and the health of others. Let's promote a two-way exchange to enable people to ask real questions, and get real answers.

It's time to get social, and at HashtagHealth, we're here to help.

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