10 Ways Healthcare Brands Can Go Live with Periscope

Meerkat Periscope Live Broadcasting

The concept of live broadcasting isn't revolutionary. Sure, new Apps like Periscope and Meerkat are the new rage - but only because live broadcasting just became that much easier. In fact, for decades, brands and companies have leveraged live broadcasting to reach millions of viewers from around the globe. Even healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have incorporated "live broadcasts" into their marketing plans - mostly, by way of live "Webcasts" in which healthcare professionals, patients, and even brand marketers are featured presenters to a live captive audience. Periscope and Meerkat have just made things a lot simpler (and cheaper) to share live content.

In the wake of the availability of this newer technology, innovative healthcare and pharma marketers have been given a unique opportunity to explore new ways of delivering live content. Here are 10 creative ways healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can leverage live broadcasting Apps such as Periscope or Meerkat:

  1. Broadcast live physician speaker events at congresses (branded and/or unbranded) to broaden the overall reach of the clinical content presented
  2. Broadcast local speaker events, or small venue events, to highlight healthcare professionals from local "centers of excellence"
  3. Provide an "inside look" of what it's like to work at company headquarters to build corporate image and attract potential employees
  4. Conduct live interviews with healthcare professionals/patients/caregivers/advocates to provide "personal" perspectives on certain health topics 
  5. Present a live "panel of experts" discussing different perspectives on the same topic at a congress or event associated with that specific health topic
  6. Conduct live interviews with employees to drive awareness of corporate values and inside perspectives on the organization
  7. Share live feed from sponsored events (such as company-sponsored "runs" or "charity drives") to demonstrate corporate commitment to important health causes
  8. Create a weekly "newscast" or "show" in which a healthcare professional shares a "health-tip" or perspective on an important health topic 
  9. Feature a sales rep or MSL conducting a live "detail" or congress booth "walk-thru" (highlighting a balance of efficacy and safety information)
  10. Broadcast live investor/finance presentations, or corporate news discussions that are happening in real-time

Of course in the healthcare/pharma world, for any "live" engagement it goes without saying that careful pre-planning and content approvals will need to be completed in advance to ensure compliance. However, it can certainly be done. In truth, it's not all that different from executing a live Webcast or live speaker event. So next time you're planning an upcoming "live engagement," consider ways you can further broaden the reach of your message via live broadcasting Apps like Meerkat and Periscope.