How to Optimize Healthcare Videos on YouTube

Every social media platform presents a different opportunity to engage with a unique audience of consumers, patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Inherently, "videos" present an easily digestible format through which virtually any target audience group can learn about a specific topic. As such, YouTube is among the top social media platforms leveraged by both consumers and healthcare professionals when it comes to searching for important health information. 

Many healthcare professionals regularly search on YouTube to find helpful video content they can share with their patients about a specific disease state, or find valuable information about treatment options. In fact, according to a 2015 study by Digital Insights Group, over 70% of oncologists report using YouTube. But with so many videos on YouTube, how does a healthcare brand or campaign break through the clutter? Here are 5 ways every healthcare brand can optimize video content on YouTube:

  1. Create video content that is meaningful, topic specific, and short. These days, most people have short attention spans when it comes to watching YouTube videos - so when it comes to creating content for your healthcare brand, keep it short and sweet. If possible, don't exceed the 3:30 min mark. It's much more effective to create a short series of videos versus a long video that most people won't view all the way through.
  2. Invest in Google/YouTube SEO and sponsored Ads. For newer YouTube channels that haven't had the chance to build a significant following, this is a must. With millions of videos on YouTube, search engine optimization and sponsored Ads will help ensure your video gets in front of the right target audience at the right time. 
  3. Promote your YouTube Channel on all of your other online platforms. Cross-platform promotion is a great way to drive your customers to your YouTube channel - particularly if your healthcare brand already has a strong presence on Facebook or Twitter. Links to your YouTube channel should also be featured front and center on any brand/campaign Website (alongside any other social links) to enable your customers to follow you on multiple platforms.
  4. Include a "call-to-action" at the end of every YouTube video. Including a "call-to-action" at the end of your YouTube videos, even if it's as simple as "for more information, visit our Website," is a great way to enable people to actually do something with the information you've shared. It's also an important step towards getting them to further engage with your brand/campaign. 
  5. Establish a long-term plan for publishing meaningful video content. In order to effectively build an impressive number of YouTube channel subscribers, it is critical to invest in your channel long-term. For many YouTube channels, it takes consistent programming launched for over 5 years before subscription numbers become impressive - so if building a consistent audience-base is part of your strategy, you'll definitely need to invest the time.

YouTube is a great asset for any healthcare brand looking to provide incremental value to consumers, patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals - and despite common belief, creating meaningful video content doesn't have to break-the-bank. In fact, there are many ways to develop meaningful and compelling content on a small budget - you just have to be creative. For more information on how YouTube may be a great social platform to help you reach your brand business goals, contact us today (