Is Twitter worth it? 9 Things Every Pharma Marketer Needs to Know About Twitter

Twitter Healthcare Brands

When most pharma marketers think of “social media,” Twitter is among the first social media platforms that come to mind. And for good reason. Twitter has enabled many healthcare/pharma companies to establish an active voice within the social media world, and has proven to be an excellent starting point for breaking new barriers into the social media space.  

But for those pharma marketers who have yet to embark on integrating social media into their brand plans, the question is often: why Twitter? Truth be told, Twitter may not be right for every brand.  As with any sound marketing strategy, thorough market and competitive research should be conducted prior to developing a social media strategy. Selecting the right social media platforms is a science. A science based on target audience behavior, market/competitive insights, and business goals. 

When all strategic roads lead to Twitter as an ideal social media platform for your healthcare/pharma brand, understanding the immense value Twitter can provide is equally as important. To put things in perspective, here is a great list of the top 9 things every pharma marketer should know about Twitter:

  1. Most high profile medical organizations, congresses and advocacy groups are not just on Twitter, they’re highly active and engaged. Establishing a presence on Twitter may open the door to critical partnership opportunities.
  2. The nature of Twitter enables users to quickly reach a broad audience base (which includes consumers, healthcare professionals, investors, etc.) making it an ideal platform for announcing time-sensitive news and press releases.
  3. With only 140 characters per Tweet, users are forced to get to the point quickly. This shorthand method of communication is often the most impactful as it allows each message to get the attention it deserves.
  4. On Twitter, you have the ability to showcase pictures, videos, and links – which is an excellent way to cross-promote other marketing initiatives and also engage users in multiple formats.
  5. One of the best aspects of Twitter is the idea of engaging in “real-time.” It’s easy to engage in and host live Twitter Chats, which can be extremely effective ways to focus on key messages and important discussion topics.
  6. A modest media buy on Twitter goes a long way by enabling you to micro-target users based on many different factors (including key interests). Marketers can also accomplish specific goals such as “link clicks,” “new followers” and more.
  7. With advanced Twitter analytics, demonstrating the reach and value of posted messages and campaigns is easy. Not only can you track how many people were exposed to your posts, but also their level of engagement.
  8. Being on Twitter enables users to monitor other handle’s Twitter activity. It’s a great way to maintain your pharma brand’s competitive edge, and also identify news and time-sensitive information worth sharing.
  9. By establishing a Twitter presence, you can start leading conversations about your pharma/healthcare brand or company, versus wait and let others dictate conversations about you solely.  Being on Twitter enables you to become the true authority for your brand and company.  

More often than not, Twitter is among the top platforms recommended for most healthcare/pharma brands – primarily due to the overwhelmingly high level of social chatter happening on Twitter relative to “health” and specific therapeutic categories. If you’re ready to take the leap and get your healthcare/pharma brand on Twitter, there’s no better day than today to get started.