13 Reasons that Pharma Companies Need a Corporate Twitter Presence

"Corporate Communications" is one of the most important departments of any pharmaceutical company. For decades, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have invested a great deal of time, money and effort in building strong public relations strategies/teams to handle any public issue pertaining to the company and its brands. And for good reason. Public perception has a huge impact on the company's ultimate success or failure. Building a positive image is of critical importance, and being able to actively communicate to the masses quickly has never been more important. Particularly in today's society where people expect instant answers and information straight from the source.

To date, many pharmaceutical companies have embraced corporate Twitter accounts for this very reason - to connect with the masses quickly and effectively. These early adopters recognized the immense value Twitter offers in being part of the social community, and the potential detriment in neglecting Twitter altogether.

Surprisingly still, many companies have yet to embrace Twitter as a primary "corporate communications" platform to deliver important company updates to the masses. As such, we've compiled the following 13 reasons that pharmaceutical companies need to reconsider their communications strategy and include Twitter into the mix:

1. Twitter enables healthcare companies to promote all non-social marketing programs and initiatives to the masses (for example, the launch of a new mobile App). Not only does this exponentially increase the number of people reached, it also allows companies to micro- target messages and more effectively assess ROI. 

2. When it comes to disease state education, Twitter is a great tool for delivering key messages to specific audience groups. Specifically, companies can share graphics/images that highlight important information related to treatment protocols and medical/healthcare procedures (including disease monitoring and screening)

3. Healthcare companies can easily announce and promote important collaborations surrounding research and development programs. This not only demonstrates a companies' commitment to specific areas of health - it also helps build a strong image of leadership and authority within those sectors.

4. Twitter enables healthcare companies to be a leading voice in supporting disease state awareness campaigns, and driving awareness of health/medical conditions. Leading the charge and creating new social media events that spread disease awareness is hugely valuable to the healthcare community and most definitely helps shine a more favorable light on the public's perception of them. 

5. With Twitter, clinical trial updates and important FDA-related announcements  can be shared in real-time. This enables healthcare companies to be among the FIRST to announce important news relating to their brands, and drive conversations about their programs versus allow others to drive those conversations for them.

6. A great way for healthcare companies to promote booths and live presentations at key congresses and events is by sharing that information on Twitter. This enables congress attendees to find them live, and also allows the company to drive interest and awareness of upcoming events.

7. It's also a great way to be part of important social conversations and discussions happening around key congresses (and a great opportunity to share relevant information during important live events).

8. Twitter can be a great method for enhancing clinical trial recruitment, as well as sharing important updates about recruitment goals. 

9. Company-sponsored healthcare blogs can be shared and promoted to a broader audience base increasing exposure. This is particularly great for disease state awareness initiatives that may require a lot of explanation. Twitter provides a great entry for audiences to find blogs or websites where they can access all of the information they are seeking.

10. Investors represent an important target market on Twitter. As such, Twitter can provide an extremely important forum to connect with global investors, and provide relevant updates related to the state of the business.

11. Twitter enables healthcare companies to support, share and promote important government-related updates regarding health (which is not only great for strengthening relations with government agencies, but also demonstrates commitment to helping improve health outcomes).

12. Twitter is an effective forum for showcasing employee/company achievements and awards. From a recruitment and recognition perspective, sharing this type of information across the social wires can have a huge influence on attracting top talent. 

13. In addition, Twitter enables healthcare companies to celebrate the many ways their employees give back to the health/medical communities (a huge draw for both prospective customers, and employees)