Top 16 Unbranded Social Media Healthcare Communities

Creating an unbranded social media healthcare community is an extremely effective way to enable patients, physicians and caregivers to connect and discuss the issues that mean the most to them: issues pertaining to health. Additionally, these social communities benefit healthcare/pharmaceutical companies, as they enable companies to better understand the needs of their customers, and allow them to be part of the solution in providing customers with the information they seek. 

While some healthcare/pharmaceutical companies are still apprehensive about entering the social media realm, there have been a number of impressive communities developed over the past 5+ years that demonstrate how incredibly impactful and important it is to establish an unbranded social media presence. The overall impact of these communities is demonstrated by the vast network of active followers each has garnered, as well as the level of interactivity of each platform. 

Here are 16 great examples of unbranded communities that are leading the charge via Facebook (click on each logo below to view the associated Facebook page):

This selection of unbranded social media communities represents a promising trend of healthcare/pharmaceutical companies enhancing customer value via social media. Through thoughtful planning, management and monitoring, setting up a meaningful social media community can be an invaluable asset, and should not be overlooked when prioritizing 2016 tactics and initiatives. 

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