4 Reasons to Encourage Employees to Like Corporate Social Content

July 17, 2018

Do your employees "like" your social content? If not, then it's time to encourage them to start. In the pharma marketing world, there's often hesitation about what employees can and cannot do on social media—particularly as it relates to social engagement with company content. However, employee endorsement and interaction are important opportunities that shouldn't be overlooked. Here are 4 important reasons why:


1. Just for Looks

When your employees endorse your content, it just looks good. It shows that they're supportive and passionate about the company and its work, which is a great way to attract top talent.


2. Broadens Exposure

The more people who "like" your social content, the more exposure it will get. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook use sophisticated algorithms when it comes to showcasing content on users' feeds. Each platform prioritizes content that's not just aligned with user interests but is also popular and trending. For this reason, the more "likes" you get on your posts, the better results you'll get—and your employees can play a big role in helping your social campaign succeed.


3. Employee Motivation

Employees truly appreciate the opportunity to get involved and support a company they believe in—particularly if they had a role in developing the work itself. By allowing and encouraging them to "like" corporate posts and blogs, it helps reinforce the important role they've played in making those amazing projects come to life. 


4. Corporate Sentiment

Actively encouraging employees to "like" corporate social content demonstrates to them that, as a company, you're "walking the walk." If you're a company that claims to be innovative, forward thinking and collaborative, why not prove it by being that way with your employees? It not only shows your team you're dedicated to the corporate mission, it also shows them you want them to be a part of it.


Despite popular belief, employees really can play a pivotal role in supporting social initiatives without putting the company at risk. "Liking" content is a safe and simple way that enables employees to engage. While you may have some concerns about allowing employees to freely "share" and "comment" on content, simply "liking" posts provides all the benefits of engagement without the worry. 


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