5 Benefits of Establishing Corporate Social Guidelines

January 22, 2019

Social media guidelines provide a quintessential blueprint for corporations and brands to successfully engage on social media. While it takes time, organization, and cross-functional team collaboration to put new protocols in place, creating official corporate guidelines yields immeasurable advantages. Here are 5 key benefits:


1. Improves team collaboration and ownership.

It takes a dedicated group of people to outline the legal, medical, and regulatory requirements for social media engagement. Giving each department a seat at the table encourages the team to work together to achieve a common goal that will impact everyone in the organization. It also ensures that the guidelines adequately address each department’s needs and concerns.


2. Sets ground rules for employee behavior on social media.

These days, most professionals are aware that their personal social pages can reflect either positively or negatively on the company they work for—or at least you’d hope. Without guidance, there is a big gray area as to what is, and what isn’t, appropriate. Putting clear guidelines in place protects both the individual and the organization. 


3. Directs brand teams on how they can optimize initiatives through social media.

In companies where social media projects are still getting started, it’s hard for brand team leads to know how to launch a social initiative. Guidelines provide a clear and direct path for brand leads to effortlessly integrate social media into their brand plans.


4. Demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation.

Creating and sharing social media guidelines with employees sends the message that the company is committed to and supportive of forward thinking. At this stage, companies that are not on social media are perceived as “archaic”—so putting together some simple guidance on how to get with the times is critical in this socially active and competitive environment.


5. Motivates employees to think more strategically and creatively.

Social media platforms offer incredible opportunities to connect with health care professionals, patients, caregivers, and others. Social media guidelines remind employees of the importance of social media for connecting with audiences and encourage brand leads to find new and innovative ways to exceed business goals.


We all know that new corporate guidelines won’t come together overnight. It will likely take many meetings and various drafts to put clear guidance in place—and even then, the documents will require updates to keep up with the times. Nevertheless, creating corporate social media guidelines will be well worth the effort, and there’s no better time than now to get started.



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