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The road to establishing Agios as a leading scientific innovator in the realm of rare hematology and cellular metabolism, with a focus on PK Deficiency, Thalassemia, and Sickle Cell Disease.

Case Study: Agios Global Medical Affairs



  • No pre-existing Agios Medical Affairs social media presence 

  • A need to increase scientific reach and visibility of Agios-related materials and information

  • Lack of digital presence to create meaningful opportunities to connect with healthcare professionals in real time

  • Desire to establish Agios as a leading scientific source for information related to key disease areas of focus


  • Launch the @AgiosMedical X channel to publish social content that drives interest and awareness of key messages to demonstrate expertise

  • Develop engagement strategies and utilize media buys to expand reach to key target HCP audience groups

  • Identify and follow HCPs leading social conversations specific to scientific topics of priority

  • Post social content about events of interest and breaking news and information related to unbranded clinical achievements

  • Share and engage with third-party content that supports scientific messaging priorities


  • From launch in June 2023 through end of year (6-month time period), the @AgiosMedical X channel generated:




content engagements

(exceeding goal by 484%)


link clicks

(483 clicks driving directly to the Agios Medical website) 


Agios Global Medical Affairs (GMA)

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